Light a candle at the grave of a Warsaw Insurgent

and take photos of the grave.

The idea is simple:

When you are at the cemetery and light a candle at the grave of a Warsaw Insurgent, please take at least two photos (the entire grave and the slab with a legible inscription) and e-mail them to the following address:


In the subject line, please type: Photo of a grave.

Please, do not forget to give a detailed description including the location, date, and the name of the author.

This action includes all cemeteries around the world and has no time limit!

All photos will be transferred to the Warsaw Rising Museum and posted on the web pages of the insurgents’ biographies.

Jan Wawszczyk

Archive of the 2nd Scout Battery of Anti-Aircraft Artillery “Żbik”

Warszawa, 30 października 2013 r.