"Szczepaniak" - Zarembski Klemens

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Mother’s first name and her maiden name Antonina Szczepańska
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AK – Armia Krajowa (Home Army)
POW - Prisoner Of War
NSZ - Narodowe Siły Zbrojne - National Armed Forces,

""We were the army ..." - "Myśmy byli Armią ..."

ZAREMBSKI [Zarębski] Klemens was born on May 1, 1910 in Warsaw, the son of Julian and Antonina born Szczepańska. During the German occupation he lived in Warsaw, at 53 Wolska Street, apt. 49. He was a technical manager in the Fire Tools Factory “Strażak” in Warsaw, at 3 Syreny Street where components of weapons were also made in conspiracy. Zarembski, in the rank of rifleman, joined the 2nd Scout Battery of Anti-Aircraft Artillery “Żbik” on the 2nd or 6th of August, 1944. He founded and led the armoury at 61 Chmielna Street where Sten guns were produced till capitulation. He used pseudonyms “Szczepaniak” or “Inżynier” (engineer). After capitulation, Zarembski stayed in POW camps Lamsdorf and Markt Pongau (POW serial number: 105.157) and eventually in the labour camp Landsberg where he died of a long-lasting stomach disease in the end of November or in the first days of December 1944.

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PERSONAL DATA (id. 19607 )

Family name: ZAREMBSKI
First name: Klemens
Year of birth: 1910
Locality: Warsaw
Father’s name: Julian
Mother’s first name and her maiden name: Antonina Szczepańska
Addrress before the war: Zarembska Antonina, Warschau, Wolska 53/49
Military rank Rifleman
Military unit: Armia Krajowa 15th Infantry Regiment
Participation in the Warsaw Uprising: yes
Pseudonym: Szczepaniak
Name of the camp: Stalag 344
POW seial number: 105.157
Camp: Stalag 318
Year of imprisonment: 1944
Month of imprisonment: 10
Day of imprisonment: 5
Place of imprisonment: Warschau
Year of transfer: 1944
Month of transfer: 10
Day of transfer: 21
Place of transfer: Oflag VII A St. XVIIIC

Comments: Zugang von Warschau am 8 X 1944 nach M.Stammlager 344 Versetzt am 21 X 1944 nach Stalag XVIII C