"Hercuń" - Bogdanowicz Jerzy

Family name
First name
Middle name(s)
Date of birth  
Place of birth
Father’s name
Mother’s first name and her maiden name Zofia Tymowska
Military rank
Cadet officer/Second lieutenant
Battery commander
AK Identity Card Serial Number 
POW serial number 
Date of death 
Place of burial
Louvain Belgium



AK – Armia Krajowa (Home Army)
POW - Prisoner Of War
NSZ - Narodowe Siły Zbrojne - National Armed Forces,

""We were the army ..." - "Myśmy byli Armią ..."

BOGDANOWICZ Jerzy Józef was born on March 18, 1924 in Warsaw, the son of Jan and Zofia, born Tymowska. His father was a medical doctor, specialising in pediatrics. They lived in Warsaw, at 3 Marszałkowska Street, apt. 3, both before the war and during the German occupation. Jerzy Bogdanowicz was a scout of the 21st Warsaw Scout Troop – Group “Żwawy Burek” and a scout leader, pseudonym “Szary”. He took part in the first occupation scout meeting (which was most likely the first scout meeting during the war) of the 21st Warsaw Scout Troop (21. WDH) on October 15, 1939. In the Żbik Battery Command he used the pseudonyms “Hercuń”or “Leszek”. Jerzy Bogdanowicz was a battery commander with the rank of cadet officer / second lieutenant. During the Warsaw Uprising he served as a cadet officer in the 2nd Scout Battery of Anti-Aircraft Artillery and after the capitulation he was promoted to wartime second lieutenant.

In the years 1939-1945 he completed the underground high school and passed his final exams in June 1942. In the years 1942-1944 he studied medicine at the underground university in Warsaw. Jerzy Bogdanowicz participated in many diversion and sabotage operations and was engaged in the military training of young people. In 1943 he became the deputy commander of an Armia Krajowa independent troop (the equivalent of a company). He took part in the Warsaw Uprising from August 1 till October 5, 1944. On October 4 he was given the rank of second lieutenant in the Armia Krajowa. His AK Identity Card Serial Number was 11.225. When the Uprising collapsed, Bogdanowicz was imprisoned in Lamsdorf Stalag 344. His POW serial number was 102.162. On October 19, 1944 he was transported to the Oflag VIIA Murnau. Liberated at the end of April, 1945 by the Allies, he joined the Polish Army in the West.

After the war Bogdanowicz did not return to communist Poland.

in November 1945 he was ordered to go to Belgium to continue his medical studies, which had been interrupted in July 1944. In 1945 he married Anna Leskiewicz pseudonym “Orlicz”, “Andrzej”, “Boner”. They had two children: a daughter Krystyna and a son Marek. In December 1945 Bogdanowicz started his medical studies at the Catholic University of Louvain and on July 18, 1949 he graduated with a medical degree and an academic title, which was legalized in court on July 27, 1956 pursuant to the Act of 13 May, 1955 concerning academic degrees for political refugees. From 1949 onwards, Bogdanowicz was a research assistant at the internal medicine clinic of the Louvain University hospital and after 7 years he received his specialty diploma in internal medicine. In 1960 he received Belgian citizenship. Bogdanowicz held the following positions: head of the Internal Medicine Department at Saint Peter's University Hospital, chairman of the Trainees' Committee of the Faculty of Medicine, lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, member of the medical college of the Ministry of Public Heath, and corresponding member of the Belgian Endocrine Society and the Belgian Society of Internal Medicine. Shortly before his death, the candidacy of Bogdanowicz for the position of professor was put forward. He died on June 17, 1971 and was buried in Louvain in Belgium.

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PERSONAL DATA (id. 18790)

Family name: BOGDANOWICZ
First name: Jerzy
Middle name: Józef
Date of birth: 1924-03-18
Locality: Warsaw
Father’s name: Jan
Mother’s first name and her maiden name: Zofia Tymowska
Addrress before the war: Jan Bogdanowicz, Warszawa, Eisengrubenstr. 15
Military rank: Leutnant
Military unit: Armia Krajowa 15th Infantry Regiment
Participation in the Warsaw Uprising: yes
Name of the camp: Stalag 344
POW serial number: 102.162
Camp: Stalag 318
Year of imprisonment: 1944
Month of imprisonment: 10
Day of imprisonment: 5
Place of imprisonment: Warschau
Year of transfer: 1944
Month of transfer: 10
Day of transfer: 19
Place of transfer: Oflag VII A

Comments: Zugang von Warschau am 8.10.1944 zu M. Stammlager 344, Versetzt am 19.10.1944. nach Oflag VII A