"Lew" - Wójtów Lesław

Family name
First name
Middle name(s)
Date of birth  
Place of birth
Father’s name
Antoni Jan
Mother’s first name and her maiden name Anna Zawada
Military rank
Second lieutenant
Deputy commander
AK Identity Card Serial Number 
POW serial number 
Date of death 
Place of burial
Leicester, UK



AK – Armia Krajowa (Home Army)
POW - Prisoner Of War
NSZ - Narodowe Siły Zbrojne - National Armed Forces,

""We were the army ..." - "Myśmy byli Armią ..."

WÓJTÓW Lesław Józef was born April 9, 1920 in Cracow, son of Antoni (an inspector for the Ministry of Religion and Public Enlightenment) and Jadwiga, born Zawada. Before the war, they lived in Warsaw, 19 Senatorska Street (according to Warsaw phone book 1938/1939 and records of the Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War in Łambinowice-Opole, where his name is spelled Wojtow). The same incorrect spelling (Leszek Wojtow) can be found in a monogram on the Stefan Batory Secondary School, which Wójtów attended (form B) and from which he graduated passing his final exam in 1938. His class teachers were Zygmunt Kukawski and then Józef Targowski - the historian, who was later killed during the Warsaw Uprising in the Old Town. [information from Mr. Marcin Miros, curator of the School Museum].

Wójtów adopted the pseudonym “Lew”. In the conspiracy he was the commander of the 1st Scout Battery of Anti-Aircraft Artillery in Żoliborz but when the Uprising started, he failed to reach his troop because he was imprisoned in the National Museum until the mid-August and then he joined the 2nd Scout Battery of Anti-Aircraft Artillery “Żbik”. Until the capitulation he was the deputy commander of “Żbik” at the rank of second lieutenant. Prisoner of the Lamsdorf (POW serial number: 102.164) and Murnau camps. He died December 6, 1973 in Leicester, UK.

Please, note that on the www.ancestry.com web page the dates of birth and death are incorrect. 

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Warsaw Uprising Biographies in Warsaw Rising Museum - Powstańcze Biogramy Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego

Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War in Łambinowice-Opole - Centralne Muzeum Jeńców Wojennych w Łambinowicach-Opolu

PERSONAL DATA (id. 18792)

Family name: Wojtow
First name: Leszek
Middle name: Józef
Year of birth: 1920
Month of birth: 4
Day of birth: 9
Locality: Cracow
Father’s name: Antoni
Mother’s first name and her maiden name: Zawada
Addrress before the war: Wojtow Antoni, 19, Senatorska St., Warsaw
Military rank: Leutnant
Military unit: Armia Krajowa 15th Infantry Regiment
Participation in the Warsaw Uprising: yes
Pseudonym: Lew
Name of the camp: Stalag 344
POW serial number: 102.164
Camp: Stalag 318
Year of imprisonment: 1944
Month of imprisonment: 10
Day of imprisonment: 5
Place of imprisonment: Warschau
Year of transfer: 1944
Month of transfer: 10
Day of transfer: 19
Place of transfer: Oflag VII A

Comments: Zugang von Warschau am 8.10.1944 zu M.Stammlager 344, Versetzt am 19.10.1944. nach Oflag VII A