"Żuk" - Szczepański Zdzisław

Family name
First name
Middle name(s)
Date of birth  
Place of birth
Father’s name
Mother’s first name and her maiden name Jadwiga Mizer
Military rank
Second lieutenant
AK Identity Card Serial Number 
POW serial number 
Date of death 
Place of burial
Silver Spring, MD, USA




AK – Armia Krajowa (Home Army)
POW - Prisoner Of War
NSZ - Narodowe Siły Zbrojne - National Armed Forces

""We were the army ..." - "Myśmy byli Armią ..."

SZCZEPAŃSKI Zdzisław Karol was born on July 8, 1917 in Krasiczyn [in his high school graduation certificate the place of birth was given as Kasieczyn near Przemyśl but it should have been Krasiczyn since there was no town named Kasieczyn included in the Index of official names of towns in Poland in the 1930s], son of Stanisław and Jadwiga, born Mizer. Szczepański took his final high school exams in 1935 at the Tadeusz Reytan Secondary School for Boys in Warsaw. Before the war he was a senior patrol leader in the Romuald Traugutt 1st Warsaw Scout Troop “Black One”. At the beginning of the German occupation, he became the commissioner of the Scout District of Southern Warsaw [1940-1942] and in the years 1943-1944, he was commissioner of the Warsaw Scout Region. In the 1939 Defensive War Szczepański served at the rank of cadet officer in the 32nd Regiment of Light Artillery, which fought its way from Rembertów to Janów Lubelski. In February 1940 he got involved in anti-Nazi resistance movement by joining the Military Organization Lizard Union and later the National Armed Forces (NSZ). His Warsaw address during the German occupation was: 102, Racławicka Street. The L-hour meeting place was at 61, Chmielna Street. During the Warsaw Uprising, Zdzisław Szczepański served as a commander of the 2nd Scout Battery of Anti-Aircraft Artillery “Żbik” at the rank of second lieutenant. His pseudonym was Żuk. His AK Identity Card serial number was 11.227. On the 4th of October, 1944 Żuk was presented with the Cross of Valor and was promoted to lieutenant. POW camps: Lamsdorf (POW serial number 102.165) and Murnau [Oflag VII A]. After liberation, in the years 1945-1951 he studied at École des Beaux-Arts in France and then moved to Canada and in 1958 to the United States. He was an architect and a lecturer in the Catholic University of America, Washington D.C. and member of the Polish American Congress. Szczepański lived in Virginia, was married and had two daughters: Wanda and Joanna. He died in Virginia on June the 30th, 2009. Interment St. John the Evangelist cemetery, Silver, Spring, MD

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PERSONAL DATA (id.18793)

Family name: Szczepański
First name: Zdzisław
Year of birth: 1917
Month of birth: 7
Day of birth: 8
Locality: Krastenin [Krasiczyn ?]
Father’s name: Stanisław
Mother’s maiden name: Mizer
Addrress before the war: Dłużewski Wojciech, Landan, Harenistr. 2 [?]
Military rank: Leutnant
Military unit: Armia Krajowa 21st Infantry Regiment.
Participation in the Warsaw Uprising: yes
Pseudonym Żuk
Name of the camp: Stalag 344
POW seial number: 102.165
Camp: Stalag 318
Year of imprisonment: 1944
Month of imprisonment 10
Day of imprisonment: 5
Place of imprisonment: Warsaw
Year of transfer: 1944
Month of transfer 10
Day of transfer: 19
Place of transfer: Oflag VII A

Comments: Zugang von Warschau am 8.10.1944 zu M.Stammlager 344, Versetzt am 19.10.1944. nach Oflag VII A